Culligan Water Softeners can often pay for themselves!
Get a Water Softener for just $9.95 Per Month for the first 3 months.
Did you know a Culligan Water Softener can generally pay for itself in savings?
According to the University of New Mexico, softened water can reduce hot water heating costs nearly 30%.
The Battelle Institute revealed that soap usage can be cut by up to 75%!

  • Plumbing and Fixtures will be free of hard water build-up.
  • Clothes won’t fade or lose color as quickly.
  • Towels will stay fuller and fluffier.
  • Appliances will last longer.
  • A Culligan Water Softener can pay for itself by preventing these problems
Stop buying bottle water and start getting your own bottle water straight from your kitchen sink. For only $15 dollars a month Anderson’s Culligan will bring unlimited bottle water to your home. Stop worrying about what’s in your water, contact Anderson’s Culligan today and start drinking purified drinking water tomorrow.
What’s in your water? If you own a well the DNR and CDC both recommend that you have your well tested. This will ensure the safety of everyone who consumes your water. With Culligan International’s certified professional lab, Anderson’s will come to your home, take your water sample, and next day UPS it to their labs to ensure your health and safety. For only $90 days you can’t find a less expensive, easier way to get your piece of mind! Click on offer for complete details.


ALL makes – ALL models tune-up your water softener and $60 dollars! A water softener is an investment in your home. Make sure that investment is working for you. Contact Anderson’s Culligan for a certified technician to come to your home and Inspect, Check, and tune-up your softener. Click on the “Inspect & Check” special for details