Softners Features & Benefits

For over 80 years Culligan has been the leader in water softeners. Hard water is the number 1 water problem in the United States and Anderson’s Culligan has been customizing water systems to fit the needs of their customers. Bellow are the features and benefits 4 most popular brands that Anderson’s Culligan sells. Call Anderson’s Culligan today and get a free water test so we can customize your drinking water system to your needs

H.E. Series

​​•Get all the features of a Culligan water softener at an affordable price

•Make appliances more efficient and last longer
•Seamless integration into your plumbing
•Soft water throughout your home
•Culligan water system is third party certified
•The Culligan Filter-Cleer water filter built into the Medalist Series removes dirt, silt, clay, and other types of sediment from your water supply.
•Reduces stains and pipe damage by neutralizing acids in your water pipes

Gold Series

• Built to handle problem water found in wells
• Removes iron from water
• Solid Tank design built with durable, filament-wound exterior and a smooth, non-permeable inner tank
• One-Inch tank inlet and outlet to give maximum flow
• One full cubic foot of resin to battle both hardness and iron
• Motorized pistons are ideal for problem water and provide more reliability than rotary valve systems
• Exclusive Culligan Soft-Minder meter monitors daily water use and provides advanced system diagnostics



Medalist Plus Series

• Patented Aqua-Sensor Monitor minimizes the amount of salt & water used in each regeneration cycle
• ACCUSOFT Microprocessor offers worry-free operation of your water softener.
• Battery back-up to keep your softener operating at all times
• Quadra-Hull Tank delivers dependable operation thanks to multiple layers of construction
• One-inch control valve optimizes water pressure throughout your home
• Double-safe brine refill valve to provide peace of mind during refill


Medalist Series

​• Dramatically lower monthly water, salt, and electricity costs
• Provides customizable water softness so your water never feels to soft or too hard
• A Consumer Digests “Best Buy”
• Culligan’s proportional brining allows your softener to regenerate only that has been exhausted, reducing salt usage
• The easy-to-read backlit display with digital clock lets you know your softener is working
• Culligan’s Dial-a-Softness Valve allows you to customize the feel of your water