Drinking Water Features & Benefits

What’s in your water? Is it safe to drink? These questions fill our voicemail and e-mail daily. From the Flint, Michigan issues, to increasing levels of nitrates and arsenic in water.  Culligan has created the most advanced home drinking water system on the market. Mix and match filters to customize your drinking water to your personal needs.

Aqua Cleer Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

•Reduces harmful impurities like lead, radium, aesthetic, chlorine, hexavalent, chromium (chromium 6), and arsenic
• Improves taste of coffee, tea, powdered drinks, soups, and recipes
• Optional line to your icemaker
• Thirteen advanced filters options provides advanced filtration for such problems like lead, radium, chlorine, and arsenic
• Eleminates the need for bottle water
• Create the specific drinking water system you need

AC-30 Reverse OsmosisDrinking Water System

​• Saves money compared to purchasing single-serve bottles from the store
• Meets the strict guideline of the WQA (Water Quality Association)
• Reverse osmosis filtration to remove contaminents in water
• Pre-stage sediment filter to remove sediment and microscopic particles that create cloudy water
• Exclusive electronic monitor that ensures your system is working properly

Preferred Series Drinking Water System

• Offers three filter sizes to customize a solution for your home
• Eliminates odors and bad tastes, including those caused by lead and chlorine
• Improves the taste of coffee, tea, powdered drinks, soups, and recipes
• Preferred 150 reduces aesthetic chlorine and lead for 750 gallons
• Preferred 250 reduces aesthetic chlorine and lead for 1000 gallons
• Preferred 35 reduces aesthetic chlorine, lead, and Volatile Organic Chemicals for 3,000 gallons